"Discover My Formula For Making $250K in 12 Months With Internet Marketing"

(Not A Push Button 'Hack' In Sight!)

3  Key Things You Will Get With
My $250K Formula:

  • The 3 components you need for a full automated business
  • My 90 Day Plan for building your business from scratch and getting into profit 
  • Actionable steps and clarity so that you can actually DO this yourself

Are You Frustrated Because You Have Been TryingTo Build Your Internet Business For 2 to 3 Years But Have Nothing To Show For It? 

Is your wife or husband angry with you because you spend too much time online but have never actually made the big breakthrough?

Have you been buying loads of products and trainings, but always get stuck? Or see no results?

Is it embarrassing because your friends and family have told you to just 'give up with this crazy idea because it will never work', and you are wondering that they may be right?

"98% of people make no money online at all despite sometimes large investments and years trying.”

You may have been told this before. No doubt you have heard others tell you to get out of the Internet Marketing Niche because it is over-saturated or too competitive. Well I take a different view...

I have found that ignoring the doom and gloom merchants has actually made me a lot of money. You see, I ignored them all and went straight into this competitive niche. The way I see it - lots of competition is better because it means there is high demand...

"It is better to be in competitive niches as there is plenty of demand. Don't try selling sand in a desert!"

In Internet Marketing there is a
constant supply of newbies who need help

The problem is, most people are simply attempting to sell other people's products. In fact, as most people are competing and selling the very same products - nobody is actually helping the newbies get started.

There are thousands of newbies coming online every month and nobody answers their emails or deals with them personally. For them it is just a sea of confusion. This leads to a gap in the market...

"Newbies need a coach who can show them the simple things like Wordpress, blog writing, web hosting, uploading videos etc. Really simple things that you could probably help with."

You see once someone starts to make big money online, they just don't want to work with beginners anymore.

I can understand that. It just takes longer when someone is just starting out and beginners can't pay the big prices.

But you know what?   This creates an opportunity for you!

As you don't already have 50 clients paying you $1000 per month - you would be willing to help a newbie out for $100 - $200 per month right?

I mean - How would that feel, right now?

What if you had 10 clients paying you $200 per month?

Or 20 clients paying you $150 per month?

Or 30 clients?

Or 40 clients...

And what if you worked with your Wordpress clients as one group and your video clients as another group, and managed to do the whole thing in just a few hours a week.

"How would you like a business like that?

That is kind of how my business was at first.

I started with creating and selling individual products, then a $27 per month membership. Then I introduced coaching and in time was able to increase my prices for group coaching to $297 per month. I have a one-to-one program selling for $35K for the year.

But before I go on, let me ask you this question:

"Do you REALLY want to have a proper business online? Do you REALLY want to have a business - not some 3 click magic loophole fake where you pay me $17 and tomorrow you think you will have $100K in your account?

If not - then the rest of this page is NOT for you.

Just close the page.

If you DO want a proper sustainable business, keep reading.

In this training, I am going to tell you how to create a business you can stake your future on - not some 'Google Hack' or any of that rubbish.

So, let's get into it...

Create Products

Let's imagine that you want to help beginners with Wordpress (just an example). You could have products teaching everything from buying a domain name and getting hosting, to installing Wordpress. You could show how to set up themes and install the right plugins, or how to upload images and alt-tag them. 

Create Coaching

Some of the beginners who buy your training will  still have more questions - there will be those who want more hands on help. Some will pay you $27 - $97 per month just to be there and answer questions by email, or over Skype once a week. You can charge more if you do more.


Then - once you are making an income, it is time to start passing certain tasks on to others to manage for you. Remember, once everything is set up, it just needs 'managing' and most of that can be outsourced completely! Just a couple of hours of coaching each week and you have a full time income online.

Are You Starting To See How Simple This Can Be? 

Maybe you have thought about this kind of model before, but just don't know how to get all the pieces to fit together or how to go about doing it?

You are probably a consumer rather than a producer, right? And believe me - I understand how difficult it is to break that cycle, even if you have been trying for a while.

Well you are in luck. I have been there and done that and come out the other side successful. I know what works and what doesn't and in this training I will tell you.

So let me ask you this:

"If you could get a road map, teaching you how to build a business like I described - and build it fast (like in 90 days or so) would that interest you?"

If so - you will love what I have to offer you here!

What My $250K Formula Will Hand You

My Complete Game Plan

With this formula, you will be able to:

  • Sell your first intro training in 90 days
  • Sell your first coaching course in 90 days

In Short, You Will Be Able To Create A Full Online Business Within 90 Days 

In fact, if you are a real action taker - you could do it sooner! And of course, if you buy this training and do nothing - you will get nothing. But then you know that already, right?

  • If you have been bouncing around for years buying shiny object after shiny object, then you are like most people who come to me.
  • I can CHANGE that.

It is Not Just Theory            You Are Getting From Me

This is ACTION. This is what I do today.

Keep reading to see what you are going to discover...

Powerful Secrets I Will Reveal To You

My step by step plan to targeted traffic generation (hint: it is not solo ads or Facebook Ads!)
My method to get buyers to come to your list. If you don't know this, you will be getting freebie seekers and these don't buy.
My proven product creation method for creating information products FAST which sell for between $27 and $97 easily.
My secret source for getting as many high converting sales letters as you want - written super fast (and you pay only once!)
How to create your coaching program from scratch. With my method, you don't even need to create anything until you have your first paying client!
How to structure your coaching program so that it can continue to make money for you even when you stop coaching.
The four key areas of struggle in this business - and my solutions.
Exactly what to do in the first 30 days to hit the ground running.
How to ensure that your business keeps growing and that your subscribers pay you multiple times (increasing your average customer value).

Now - I Want To Make Something Absolutely Clear.

A Full-Time Income Online does require some work...

But let me ask you this:

If you could make $250K in the next 12 months, it would be worth working a few hours each day right?

Because you have to do some work to get it. This is not some push button fake nonsense.

I work.  And you will have to work too - but that is fair, yes?

Good - Now That is Understood -
Let Me Tell You What Else You Get

My own secret formula for making and keeping your entire business 'back of a napkin' simple.
My own secret formula for adding High Ticket Products into your sales funnel without any additional work creating them (and no - you are not acting as an affiliate!)
My own secret formula for harmonising multiple coaching programs to minimise your time commitment.
My exact method for choosing niche topics which will generate hungry buyers (nothing to do with keywords or fancy keyword tools!)
My strategy for avoiding the need for 'perfection before profit' (whilst still delivering real value.)

I could go on, because the training is absolutely LOADED with quality.

The truth of the matter is - this training can take you from where you are now, to the position where you have multiple products, at multiple price points, all selling like clockwork and leading to several full coaching programs.

All told, this training is action focused and if you take action on what I teach - it will literally change your life.

​In fact, let's just think for a moment about what it will be like when you get your first coaching clients. I can still remember making a sale and seeing $500 per month coming in from just one client.

Can you imagine how I felt?

Having a coaching business has changed my life. You see with products you only get paid once. With coaching, your clients pay you over and over again.​

​So - How would it feel for you to have 10 new clients next month?

What if you had 20 the month after that?

Would you pay down a debt or two? Buy something nice for your wife or husband?​

Travel a little?

Where would you go?

​I mean really... What would this all feel like for you?

You see the point is - This can be REALITY for YOU.

What would you do if you had $10K coming in each month from coaching?

What if you sold $100K or $250K this year? What would you do with the extra money?​

How would it feel to finally be on the successful side of things?​

"Now Listen. You KNOW You Can Do This. You Just Need Someone To Guide You, Right?"

OK, first let's talk about what this training is worth.

Here's the thing. With this training, you can build a full time business in Internet Marketing. Just follow the steps and you are done.​

Just follow my directions and you will be amazed at the clarity I give you and how simple the process actually is. It is people that make it complicated!

If you were to generate $250K this year off the back of this training course - what would that be worth to you?

What if you only did $100K this year?​

Frankly, I think this training is worth well over $5000.​

Let's think about it. If you paid $5000 for this training and it turned into $250K this year it would be worth every penny of that $5000 wouldn't it?

In fact, if you did $250K this year, you would gladly have paid more than $5000 for this, right? 

Let me tell you also that I have sold other products (from other providers) which do not contain the value of this training, and charge WAY more than $5000.

But here's the thing...

​Let me share my mission statement for the year:

"I Want To Empower ORDINARY People To Build A Full Time Income Online This Year"

If I set the price at $5000 - although I would make some sales, because of my reputation, I would actually be pricing out of the market the very people who I want to help.

Even though it is worth more than that - the price would most likely hold people back.​

I want to make it a no brainer decision for people.​

So for this reason, I am going to do something crazy.

I am not even going to charge $1000 for this training.

I am setting the price at a ridiculous $197​

At $197 this is unbeatable value. I mean - even if you only turned it into just $50,000 this year - you would be delighted to have spent fifty times this much - right?

I can't really go lower than this, as I need to filter out the tyre kickers. The price still needs to be a bar so that I attract only the seriously committed individuals who want to change their lives this year.

Cheaper prices allow in too many dreamers who, quite frankly, want something for nothing and won't take action.​ Then they will just moan and whine and ask for a refund, when they are not millionaires tomorrow.

What To Do Now

You can get your hands on my complete $250K Formula for just $197!

It will help me move closer to my mission statement.​

So here is what to do now.

Go ahead and click the Buy Now button​ right now before I change my mind. Remember, I have the right to raise the price at any point.

(Duplicate) The $250k Formula

Remember - You have to take action.

If you do - you can make $100K or even $250K this year.

You can do it. But you must START.​

Otherwise this year will pass you by, just like last year.

I know you can do it. You know you can do it.​ You have just been missing several pieces and the clarity and instructions to put it all together.

You can make it happen this year with this training.​

Don't delay. Don't 'wait and think about it'. Just make this year be your year.​

People Pay Me A Lot More Than This...

You can rest assured that I know what I am talking about!

"You Know This Is Exactly What You Have Been Waiting For."

Take this opportunity to create a better future for yourself. No more wasted time.

You are just one click away from getting full access to my $250K Formula.
It comes with my CAST IRON 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Some people will go on to make more money than I do. But some people will do nothing and make nothing. If you are going to do nothing - please don't buy this training. But if you do, and you can't make things work for you
then I will refund you in full for a whole 6 months.

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(Duplicate) The $250k Formula

"After hearing Paul speak, no-one can ever have excuses about not being able to have true success and freedom."

"Paul, you were simply amazing in your speech at the Home Business Summit. Ladies and gentlemen - Paul has to be one of the most powerful and inspirational speakers I have ever witnessed. Listen to him to find out why!"

- Kenneth Lim (Entrepreneur, UK)

"You are a superstar Paul!"

"You are proof that professionals (not in marketing) can start an online business and make it successful.  Keep inspiring people to break away from their tiring dead-end jobs (even if they get paid well) and follow in your footsteps! "

- Princess Fizz (UK Mediapreneur)

"You totally nailed the difference between success and failure, Paul."

"Money making online is seen as an 'opportunity' that allows people to toss money out there without thinking and then magically it comes back to them with interest.

This is a tremendous offer to build a life-changing business with Paul. He's worked hard to get to where he's at and its awesome that he's put this together. If there is any way you can manage it. Get it."

- Chrisi Darrington (Prime Insiders)

Still Here? What is holding you back?

Perhaps you just like reading my words! Well don't worry - you are not going to miss anything else here. I know what it is like - perhaps there is something else further down... Well in this case, there are no surprises.

Remember, at the moment, the price is very low. I can't keep it down like this forever and I fully intend to put it up to $297 and then $497 by the end of the year (mission complete!)

If you choose not to buy today - what are you going to do instead? Keep trying the methods that are not working for you now? Who will you be letting down if you keep on failing? Just you? Or are there others who would benefit from you being successful? 

You Are Reaching Your Last Chance...

  • Total Online Business Plan
  • Actionable Steps
  • Confusion Removed
  • Start TODAY

Get It All For Just

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(Duplicate) The $250k Formula

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"My reputation is important to me.
I provide top quality training and I honour my guarantees
when refunds are (rarely) requested."